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The art of educating and engaging using the right content marketing.

Navigating Healthcare Information

It can often be overwhelming navigating the ever-evolving world of healthcare technology. The rapid advancements in healthcare tech can leave your audience to decipher complex concepts, terminology, and in-depth explanations. This is where a good content marketing plan comes into play. In this blog, we’ll explore how top-notch content can empower healthcare technology companies to reach their audiences by simplifying tricky ideas and fostering trust. The more you educate your audience the more likely they are to engage with your company!

Why Healthcare Tech Users Need Understandable Content?

Why do healthcare tech users need assistance? Well, the world of healthcare tech is filled with confusing terms, sophisticated devices, and bewildering user interfaces. Whether it’s a new mobile health app or a high-tech medical device, it’s super easy to get lost in this digital maze of big, fancy words and advanced technology. Content marketing acts as a guide to those who might not be scientists, but who will be the end users of those healthcare technology advancements. As a healthcare tech startup or company, you want your written marketing content to inform your audience and help them understand your new innovations with confidence, not scare them away with words and concepts they will not understand.

Simplifying Complex Concepts

Explainer Videos: Think about the last time you watched a how-to video on YouTube. Those short, animated explainer videos are lifesavers. They break down complex technologies into easily digestible pieces. So, whether it’s understanding how a medical gadget works or grasping the science behind a new diagnostic tool, these videos are ideal for your audience. Not to mention, SEO loves videos and the more traffic you can send to your website, the better!

Infographics and Visuals: Sometimes, words aren’t enough. This is where infographics, charts, and diagrams come into play. They’re like visual cheat sheets that illustrate the benefits, usage, and outcomes of healthcare technologies. It’s the ‘show, don’t tell’ approach to teaching. Infographics and visuals break difficult to understand healthcare concepts down into easily digested information that your end users and audience can understand quickly. In addition, infographics are great to share on social media, your website, and through email. 

Whitepapers and Case Studies: Okay, so maybe you’re the type who loves digging deep into the nitty-gritty. Whitepapers and case studies are a great choice. These documents dive into the technical stuff, giving your more scientific and healthcare professional audience a comprehensive understanding of the technology and how it’s applied. Think of them as user manuals, but much friendlier. These are an excellent educational tool for clients and those more familiar with the healthcare industry, allowing you to post them on your website or send via email.


Healthcare technology marketing content
Creating content that healthcare users can understand and read enables you to share your company's information easily.

Building Trust Among Users

Thought Leadership Content: Trust is extremely important and companies need to prove they are trustworthy. A content marketing plan and solid written content helps build that trust by showcasing healthcare tech companies as the thought leaders and experts in the industry. Thought leadership articles, blog posts, and webinars let these experts share their knowledge, experience, and discoveries. Your company’s audience wants to know that your business is an expert, is innovative, and is advancing, but they need to learn that in a way they can understand and is digestible. For more on why building trust is paramount, read our previous blog, “Why Authenticity Matters: Creating Content that Builds Trust with your Target Audience.” 

User Testimonials and Reviews: We’re more likely to trust something when we hear others rave about it. User testimonials and reviews are like those stories you hear from friends and family about a fantastic restaurant. When you see healthcare professionals and patients talking positively about a technology and its advancements, you start to believe in it more. The more interactive content your business can provide its audience the more engagement you will have, which results in an increase in sales. 

Educational Webinars and Workshops: Sometimes, you just want someone to explain things to you. Webinars and workshops that educate users on the advancements within the healthcare technology industry can be a game-changer. You get to interact directly with experts, ask questions, and gain hands-on experience. It’s like having a personal tutor for your healthcare tech journey. To increase your company’s trust and prove you are experts in the industry, webinars and workshops are the perfect place to prove why you stand out from your competitors. Again, the more interaction you have with your audience the more your business will grow.

But here’s the kicker: consistent blogging isn’t just about churning out random articles. Effective content management involves planning a content calendar, researching keywords, and addressing your customers’ pain points. It’s about being the guiding wizard in the world of your products, offering wisdom and insights that no one else can provide. If your customers are engaged and enjoy their shopping experience there is a great likelihood they will purchase from you AND return. To read an additional blog about building trust and why authenticity is important check out: “Why Authenticity Matters: Creating Content That Builds Trust With Your Target Audience.”

Targeted and Personalized Content

Personalized Content: We’re all different, and our needs vary. Content marketing can use data to personalize content based on what we like and what we’ve shown interest in. This means we get information that’s just right for us. Creating written content that is targeted and specific to your audience enables you to cater to exactly what they need and want to learn about. This is additional knowledge that you can use to advance your business.

Targeted Campaigns: Different users have different needs. A healthcare professional might need detailed technical info, while a patient might want straightforward instructions. Content marketing divides the audience and creates specific content for each group. This enables you to reach your target audience and to custom-fit your information. Healthcare professionals and laboratory scientists want more specific information tailored to their industry with more scientific terminology, while patients need information broken down into easy to understand explanations.

Ongoing Education and Support

Content Marketing Calendar: Consistency is key. A well-planned content marketing calendar ensures your audience receives a steady flow of educational materials. This keeps them updated about improvements, best practices, and any changes in the technology. It’s like subscribing to a newsletter filled with healthcare tech knowledge. A content marketing calendar also allows your business to stay organized and having a well thought out marketing plan will enable you to focus on sales and development. Having and maintaining a consistent content flow is extremely important to the success of your business (read our blog on “Why You Need a Consistent Content Flow for Your Business”).

Support Channels: Let’s face it; your audience is going to have questions and, possibly, issues. Content marketing and your website should include support channels like FAQs, live chats, and customer service hotlines. These resources help your audience get their questions and issues addressed quickly, ensuring a smooth experience. The more interaction you have with your audience, the better (did we already say that?), but it’s true. You want your audience to think of your healthcare technology company when they are looking for a product, service, or app. You want to be the company they call, so the more you discuss and share with them, the better!

Healthcare technology content marketing enables more consistent interaction with your audience.
Healthcare tech can be a daughting topic for users, but utilizing content marketing can help your audience better understand difficult topics.

Conclusion - Healthcare Tech Content Can Empower Users

In the fast-paced world of healthcare technology, top-notch marketing content can empower not only the company, but also the end-users. It acts as a bridge, making the complex understandable and helping your audience trust your latest innovations. By simplifying concepts, building trust, delivering personalized marketing content, and offering ongoing support, content marketing significantly improves your audience’s experience with the healthcare technology industry. As a healthcare technology company, embrace your marketing content and know that it’s vital for the growth of your business to have a plan.