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The best way to capture your audience's attention

Persuasive Marketing Content – The Best Way to Capture Your Audience’s Attention

When you first hear the term persuasive content, your first thought might be of a hypnotist or a scene from an old gangster movie – “You do what I say, or else!” But, that’s not what we are talking about here, we are referring to the business term for writing content in a way that moves the reader to a specific call to action. Is this really something you need to add into your marketing strategy to help grow your business? The answer is a resounding yes!

Persuasive content writing has become a necessity in today’s busy and information-driven business world. According to, a user spends an average of 52 seconds on a webpage, so you must communicate your value proposition well before those 52 seconds tick away. That isn’t very long to catch your user’s attention. So, what should you do within the first few seconds…WOW them! 

The more you utilize persuasive content marketing and writing within your business, the greater possibility of winning clients. Persuasion is preparing your clients for your message before you dazzle them with it. For marketing purposes, this means you want to share certain information with your clients before you ask them for something, like their time, money, support, etc. Following this idea, the introduction is key. What the client sees and reads at first is extremely important and determines if they are engaged and continue reading. The key to persuasive content marketing is to be authentic and true, it isn’t about deceiving or tricking your audience. 

Wondering how to write that persuasive content or what the benefits might be? Below is information that can help you or persuade (see what I did there) you to hire a content writing company to help you meet your content writing needs.

Your Company is the Authority – Show It!

As stated earlier, persuasion isn’t about tricking your customers or misleading them. Persuasion comes when your clients believe that you have value, are credible, and are trustworthy. This can come in many ways, whether it is showcasing your client list, having outstanding and informative content on your website, or sharing knowledge and information with your audience, which can happen through a blog or social media pages.  You want your audience to come back to your company and website in the future, so create useful and valuable content that will make them return. 

Grab Your Audience’s Attention

You only have seconds to capture your audience’s attention, otherwise, they will be off to the next website looking for something more interesting and useful. I really dislike the cliché that “content is king” but in this instance, it is the truth. You have to use your content to reel that reader in and the only way to do that is with outstanding content – from beginning to end! Each word will either pull them in or drive them away, so be sure to attract their attention within the first few words and chances are they will keep reading! 

Show Your Expertise

Persuasive content writing allows you to demonstrate your expertise within your particular business sector. Since you are doing business in your specific industry you are an expert (or should be) and have knowledge, experiences, and advice to share with your audience. Set out, in the beginning, to tell your readers about your authority – why are you an expert? What makes you an authority on the subject? Take your expertise and share it, but also support it with facts and statistics. This adds to your credibility.

Connect With Your Audience

Persuasive writing is all about word selection. Use decisive and attention-grabbing language that is memorable and differentiates your company from others. Use direct and to-the-point language, including questions. As your audience is reading, they will instinctively answer questions that you pose, making them more likely to remember your company, what they read, and prompting them to come back for more. 

When selecting words to use connecting directly with the reader is paramount and using the word “you” is a great way to form a relationship. Using “you” makes it feel more like a conversation, not just an information dump, enabling the reader to connect, be less resistant, and be more open to your message.  

Improve Your Company’s SEO

You can’t talk about websites and content without mentioning SEO! The idea revolving around improving your company’s SEO stems from an increase in readers when you are using persuasive language and writing, along with readers reading more of your content for a longer period of time. The more people who read your content (and like it) the more likely they are to share and talk about it, which will result in more traffic to your website and more brand awareness. The benefits will keep happening! All of this will help your SEO and increase your audience’s ability to find your content! 

Call To Action

Don’t forget the call to action! This is why you are doing all of this persuasive writing in the first place, right? There needs to be a specific call to action that will lead your readers to do what you want, which could be to contact your company, buy your product or service, follow you on social media, etc. If you don’t tell them what you want and direct them then they won’t know what to do and you’ve missed it. Don’t waste the opportunity while you have them on your site, reading your blog, or on your social media to close the deal!


Fluffy and long-winded content is losing its appeal. People don’t have time to read long, drawn-out pieces of content and they want to learn the message quickly and succinctly. Your business depends on well-thought-out content that will attract readers, keep your audience’s attention, and amplify sales. Persuasive content is having an emergence in the marketing and sales world and you don’t want to miss out on the benefits.  

You don’t want the written content that you’ve painstakingly written or paid to have someone else write, not be useful or beneficial to your company. Consider the importance of persuasive writing in your marketing and business and how it can elevate your company to the next level. It could make the difference between that client clicking from your website onto a competitor’s all because they had a catchier opening line. 

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